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Laser Hair Reduction 

starts at 1599/-

Laser Hair

laser for girls

It’s the perfect time to show off your new dress for the party. But wait, you missed your waxing appointment. And now you are wearing full-sleeves. Sounds familiar? Well, not any more.

SkinU offers laser hair reduction for your entire body or different parts.

  • Underarms
  • Legs
  • Trunk
  • Arms
  • Facial Hair
  • Bikini

laser for guys

No, we didn’t forget you. Get rid of unwanted and excess hair, safely and painlessly.

Why SkinU?

Break the cycle of waxing, shaving, and threading as we offer the best laser hair removal at your comfort zone.

90% Permanent

There will be 90% hair reduction in an average of six sessions which may lasts upto two to three years.

Safety first

We follow safety protocol during pandemic.
Our medical specialists care about you and your family’s health.


Our laser hair removal services are easy on your pocket. Our costing is 50% lower than others.


Pain-less lasers make the process extremely smooth and hassle-free to you. It delivers safe and effective results.


Our laser technology and trusted techniques are designed to deliver a reliable and a comfortable experience.

We work from home

We work according to your timetable. You will get in-clinic like experience at the comfort of your home.


Don't miss our introductory offer of

Other Packages



No. of Sessions

half body package (upper or lower)

₹29,000/- ₹40,000/-


face package

₹18,000/- ₹25,000/-


hands package

₹25,000/- ₹30,000/-


legs package

₹27,000/- ₹40,000/-



₹22,000/- ₹25,000/-



₹18,000/- ₹25,000/-


face + underarms

₹24,000/- ₹30,000/-


face + underarms + bikini

₹29,000/- ₹40,000/-



₹18,000/- ₹25,000/-



₹18,000/- ₹25,000/-


chest + stomach

₹24,000/- ₹30,000/-



₹24,000/- ₹30,000/-


hands + legs + underarms

₹29,000/- ₹40,000/-


*prices are exclusive of taxes

Laser hair reduction

Are you seeking a quick, painless, and cost-effective way to get rid of unwanted hair on your body? In that case, our Laser Hair Reduction treatment is the most appropriate for you.
Stop choosing the painful ways for unwanted hair removal. At SkinU, we offer the best laser hair reduction treatment at your doorsteps. Don't spend thousands of rupees over your lifetime as we offer 90% permanent hair reduction at a fantastic introductory package of 37,000/- 56000/- for 6 sessions (prices are exclusive of taxes).

The science behind laser hair removal

You might be wondering, how does laser works? Or Why the removed hair will not grow again? When passed through the unwanted hair on your skin, the laser targets the black hair follicles (the root of the hair) that are responsible for the hair growth on your skin. The laser only targets the hair follicle, so the skin around the hair follicle will not get affected by it.
Hence you will be left with your flawless skin after getting the laser done. You know the science behind it, and now you are curious to know the procedure and how painful it will be. Read on to see the process in detail.

laser work

Laser Hair Removal Procedure

SkinU uses the best of the best products and technology when it comes to your safety. So our procedure of Laser hair removal is operated only by certified therapists/doctors.

technology mobile

The whole process will take about 6 sessions to remove the hair completely from your skin. The body part where there are unwanted hair is first shaven using a brand new shaving blade. Then the clean shaved area is marked to set the correct frequency prescribed by the consultant doctors.
After marking, cooling gel is applied to the targeted area for which the laser is to be done and the laser treatment will get started. At SkinU, we make sure the pain is minimal, and the efficiency is higher.

Results to see

After 12 weeks you could enjoy the freedom of smooth permanently hair free skin. Laser treatment targets to destroy the hair follicles permanently leading to a visible and a permanent reduction in the number.

After 3 treatments

Up to 70% hair reduction.

After 4-6 treatments

Lighter hair regrowth will appear.

After 6 treatments

Absolutely no or slightly hair growth.

What body areas can be treated?

Our highly trained specialists have performed more than thousand high-tech laser treatments and will provide you with the personalized results you are looking for. We provide laser hair removal from the complete body and separate body parts.








Private area


Beard shaping


Upper lips





1. Is an at-home laser hair reduction treatment safe?

Yes, getting the treatment at home is as safe as the clinic. You will experience the same dermatologist supervision and trained therapist treatment at home.

02. What are the safety precautions taken by the therapist during the session?

All our therapists will be wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) as per WHO guidelines. They will sterilise the machines and equipment before using it.

03. How permanent is laser hair reduction?

There will be up to 90% hair reduction in an average of 6 sessions.

04. Is the treatment is cost-effective?

At SkinU, we offer permanent laser hair reduction treatment at the cost of 37,000/- 56,000/- which is better than spending thousands of rupees, and you could save a lifetime savings of about 6 lakhs.

05. Who can get laser hair reduction done?

Men and women above the age of 14 years can opt for laser hair reduction. It’s safe for all skin types.

06. Is there any downtime after the treatment?

No, you can immediately resume your normal routine at the end of the session.

07. What care should I take after the sessions?

You have to apply sunscreen every day without fail. That’s it.

08. How long will each session take?

It will take approximately 2-3 hours for the full body sessions, 1.5 hours for half body sessions and 30 minutes for single body part.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal Service at your comfort zone

love letters

Today I had my first session with one of the therapists at SkinU. They work in a very professional and friendly way. It was painless; they made sure that I was comfortable the whole time. Looking forward for further sessions at SkinU with the same enthusiasm.

Tejas Sethi

I have completed my 3rd session at SkinU, and my experience is really amazing. My therapist was extremely helpful in clearing all of my doubts and took care of all the precautions. SkinU provides laser hair removal at a very affordable price and hassle-free treatment.

Manasvi Shah

I recently tried the laser hair removal treatment at SkinU. My experience was excellent; the staff there was very professional and followed all the covid protocols during the session.

Highly Recommended!!

Parth Sharma

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

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